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Good music creates good soul

if you are / were a student, student's parent, colleagues, or someone who worked with Dave Nathanael or at Centro Virtuoso


"Dave is a great teacher, he is helpful and skillful and taught me to play from Suzuki book 1 to half of book 2 in one year. He is always patient and kind and finds fun and creative ways to teach me. He is probably my favourite teacher. I have had other teachers, but he is the best of them all!"



"He is my favourite teacher!"


"Dave is a good teacher who teaches with his heart and patient to the student"

Helda (parent)

"... Dave taught me very well, he was very patient when teaching me, even when I’m not in a good mood"


"Dave was a good teacher, very passionate and comprehensive."

Yeni (parent)

"Dave is a great teacher. He is kind, patient, always solve the problem that I have because of my hand condition. He teach me many things so I can be a better player & teacher. Thanks for everything, Dave!"


"Dave is a great violin teacher. Give motivations to his students. Michelle was so lucky having him as his first violin teacher"

Nonny (parent)

"... Dave was a very nice and understanding teacher in which also taught me many new things for playing the violin. Like for example how to tune the violin myself or how to play a violin piece beautifully"


"... It's been 1,5 years since our daughter started to learn violin. She has progressed a lot, and we are grateful we did not let her stop when the road was rough. Dave told us to continue her lesson because he was able to see her potential. As parents, we are so proud of what our daughter has learned so far. Violin lesson has also helped her to practice discipline, perseverance, and hard work. And she'll be able to play one of the most beautiful music instrument to express her heart out."

Angie (parent)

 And a few more in Indonesian language: 

"Ko Dave ngajarnya sabar dan perhatian banget :) Aku notice ada perkembangan jauh dari sebelum sama sesudah les sama Ko Dave, terutama in small details-nya yang mungkin guru lain often nggak catch on"


"Jane banyak mengalami kemajuan sejak belajar sama Dave. Dari cara berdiri, cara pegang violin yang benar, dan yang pasti lebih ada tempo dan dinamik dalam memainkan sebuah lagu. Terima kasih Dave semoga bisa tetap belajar dari kamu setelah kamu lulus"

Elly (parent)

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