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Music For The Soul #11: Blas Cantó, Voy A Quedarme (I'll stay)

Second one in the series to cover other genre of music :)

This's a Spanish ballad song, recently made for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Ballad is a song telling a story in short narratives, or imagine ballad as a poetic song :) That's easier.. We have heaps of them in classical music world as well.

It's currently only distributed digitally. In it, Blas sings in Spanish, "I made a promise to hold you forever by the hand / And that I won’t ever let go / So don’t worry here, I stand". It's not merely referring to a romantic-partner relationship, but he wrote this in memory of his childhood with his family.

Once again, family is ALWAYS there for you :) Enjoy your time with your family, while they're still around. Regret will be a tad too late if they've been taken away from you..

Enjoy the ballad!



This series of "Music for the soul" is one of my hedonistic ways to enjoy my life: Good music with my tea / coffee.

Many music these days are very compressed, condensed, high pitched / so much treble, & poorly-organised. And many lead our feelings to become so unsettled, anxious, or even depressed.

Let yourself be immersed in this beautiful music; most are classical music (some won't be classical music; we're all learning how to appreciate every good music around us, either in our usual way or not).

Get your tea / coffee, sit in your sofa / bed, put headphones on, close your eyes, and just enjoy! :)

I always say Music is the supplement for human's soul.

Good music creates good soul.


Artist: Blas Cantó

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