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Music For The Soul #6: Puccini, Quando Me'n Vò, from La Bohème, Act 2


Many know him as the greatest opera composer in history, and is considered as the composer who brought opera to the peak, that romanticism in opera couldn't possibly be 'more'.

When I watched La Bohème, performed by Opera Australia in Sydney Opera House, for 2.5 hours, I could see why people say that opera couldn't possibly be more than that. I noticed that every single gesture (small or big movement) has its own music, and the romanticism of the Italian, lyrical, bel canto is just so 'in your heart', melting it down to the ground :)

La Bohème was first performed in 1896 with the very well-respected conductor, Arturo Toscanini. It is one of Puccini's biggest dan well-known operas, asides of Tosca and Madama Butterfly. This popular opera tells us the story of a love-and-death story of a poor woman in her Bohemian life in Paris. Even from the first note of the soprano line, you will melt down, RIGHT AWAY. hah!

I chose Anna Netrebko's recording. I'm a fan of this Russian soprano, simply because of her voice. To my ears, her voice is brilliant, very rich, powerful, and very controlled, in every register. I like her voice very very much, take a listen..

Very delicate music - use your headphones, if I may suggest :)




This series of "Music for the soul" is one of my hedonistic ways to enjoy my life: Good music with my tea / coffee.

Many music these days are very compressed, condensed, high pitched / so much treble, & poorly-organised. And many lead our feelings to become so unsettled, anxious, or even depressed.

Let yourself be immersed in this beautiful music; most are classical music (some won't be classical music; we're all learning how to appreciate every good music around us, either in our usual way or not).

Get your tea / coffee, sit in your sofa / bed, put headphones on, close your eyes, and just enjoy! :)

I always say Music is the supplement for human's soul.

Good music creates good soul.


Artists: Anna Netrebko, Wiener Philharmoniker, Gianandrea Noseda (Cond)

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Emery Duncan
Emery Duncan
Sep 04, 2021

I enjoyed reading yoour post

Dave Nathanael
Dave Nathanael
Sep 04, 2021
Replying to

Emery :) Thanks for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Cheers!

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