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"Play-Along Concert" A 3-minute Virtual Concert - Dave's students & their friends
"Play-Along Concert" A 3-minute Virtual Concert - Dave's students & their friends

Sun, May 17


"Play-Along Concert" A 3-minute Virtual Concert - Dave's students & their friends

The new-way for a home-concert / recital, with all of you to play along :) Unfortunate COVID-19 situations, but music still brings everyone in the world to play along! It's fun and everyone will make good music, TOGETHER!

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Time & Location

May 17, 2020, 7:00 p.m. MDT


This's Dave's follow-up on his "MUSIC TRANSCENDS BOUNDARIES", initiated together with his orchestra hangout-mates in Indonesia, a few months ago. if you wanna see the first-project video: here.

But this time, YOU are gonna play along, if you're a violinist and has learnt Gossec's Gavotte (from Suzuki Violin Book1). But feel free to sit down and enjoy, and later all, click repeat and play-along!!

I did a quick research, and seems like the first known-case was on November 17, 2019. So this's gonna be a full 6-months, since the first case was discovered :(

We're still hoping the best for everyone of us at this moment. It's a good time also to reflect and do any other good things.

The concert will be starting on May 17, 2020, at 7 PM (Calgary Time*)

Although it's only going to be a 3-minute concert, the video will still be in YouTube, under the same link, afterwards. Check it on May 18 or even the days after, don't worry.

Program notes and video link to this concert: here

For my students & I, at least, this's supposed to be a student's recital, but this time, a world-wide student recital; How about that? :) haha

Nah, it's just us, non-celebrity people, doing something to give good vibes, and making the most of our self-isolation period at home.

But, see?!


1. Everyone at every corner of the world (4 continents) made music together, harmoniously.

2. Everyone at different timezones playing together.

3. Inclusive - my students from my "Centro Virtuoso" Music School, also from Suzuki schools, Long&McQuade, Nirvana Academy, and others.

4. Inclusive 2.0 - My students "AND FRIENDS".

5. During this physical distancing moment, music is still produced and consumed; A LOT.

6. Even YOU know, could play-along :)

If you're just listening, use headphones / stereo system,

If you're playing, tune your violin / other instrument to A = 440Hz.

Lastly, I really really hope that you will enjoy this very short concert :)

Just be happy for 3 minutes!


Calgary's May 17, 7PM:

- Brisbane, Australia: May 18, 11AM

- Jakarta, Indonesia: May 18, 8AM

- Singapore: May 18, 9AM

- St. John's, Canada: May 17, 10.30PM


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