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Play-Along Concert: A 3-minute Virtual Concert from Dave's students & their friends

This's Dave's follow-up on his "MUSIC TRANSCENDS BOUNDARIES", initiated together with his orchestra hangout-mates in Indonesia, a few months ago.

if you wanna see the first-project video: here

But this time, if you're a violinist and have learnt Gossec's Gavotte (from Suzuki Violin Book1), or other instrumentalist who knows this piece, you could play-along with us, on-screen ensemble mates :)

But, feel free to also sit down and enjoy with your headphones / stereo system on, then later, do your play-along!! Mr. François-Joseph Gossec would be very glad that his piece is being played by many many musicians from around the globe, from all ages & stages.

I did a quick research, and seems like the first known-case was on November 17, 2019. So this's gonna be a full 6-months, since the first case was discovered :(

We're still hoping the best for everyone of us at this moment. It's a good time also to reflect and do any other good things.

The concert will be starting on May 17, 2020, at 7 PM (Calgary Time*)

Although it's only going to be a 3-minute concert, the video will still be in YouTube. Don't worry.

For my students & I, at least, this's supposed to be a student's recital, but this time, a world-wide student recital; How about that? :) haha

Nah, it's just us, non-celebrity people, doing something to give good vibes, and making the most of our self-isolation period at home.

But, see?!


1. Everyone at every corner of the world (4 continents) made music together, harmoniously.

2. Everyone at different timezones playing together.

3. Inclusive - my students from my "Centro Virtuoso" Music School, also from Suzuki schools, Long&McQuade, Nirvana Academy, and others.

4. Inclusive 2.0 - My students "AND FRIENDS".

5. During this physical distancing moment, music is still produced and consumed; A LOT.

6. Even YOU know, could play-along :)

Lastly, I really really hope that you will enjoy this very short concert :)

Just be happy & jolly for 3 minutes, at least!

Link to Event: here - you could get a reminder email too


-------------- PROGRAM NOTES --------------


- Composed by: François-Joseph GOSSEC ( 1734-1829)

- Arranged by: Dave Nathanael (premiered in May 17, 2020)

PERFORMERS (Dave's students)

Violin 1:

Andrea Gani, Arella Hedya Euginia, Immanuel Cakra, Jimmy Wu, Julianna Rohani,

Kezia Atmadji, Kezia Mentari Therisnajaya, Mevelaine Hope Abigail Susanto,

Sarina Razavi Aghdam, Yohana Intan Kusuma Dewi

Violin 2:

Hayden Nathanael Tanis, Immanuel Cakra, Sherleen Emmanuel

Violin 3:

Caitlyn Limbert, Elijah Mudde

Violin 4:

Levi Bertsch

Violin 5:

Austin Soon, Hanley Ezekiel Tanis, Luka Ray Harrington, Oliver Watson

PERFORMERS (Students' Friends)

Violin 1:

Grace Agatha Setiawan

Violin 2:

Grace Agatha Setiawan

Violin 3:

Shannice Nathania Khodiat

Violin 4:

Garry Reverio, Stephanie Jonathan

Violin 5:

Elda Pattipeilohy, Grace Agatha Setiawan


Sofiah Cello:

Febie Devina

-------------- PERSONAL NOTES --------------

I chose this piece, over the other great classical pieces, is because this is one of his favourite pieces in Suzuki Violin Book. This piece is also widely-known and pretty familiar to many ears.

Also, this piece could be arranged so that all of my students (and their friends) could participate; from the beginner, intermediate, advance, to the music conservatory-level. EVERYONE got the opportunity to participate.

This piece is a Gavotte (Baroque dance with fast movements), it's so lively and full of energy. So, whether you are an instrumentalist, a vocalist, or even a dancer, FEEL FREE TO JOIN, especially students, if you miss playing in an ensemble with your peers.

-------------- PLAY-ALONG GUIDES --------------

1. Tune your instrument to A=440Hz.

2. Listen to the intro for a few measures.

3. Play with us, your ensemble mates in the screen :)

++ You could actually click the video before the time starts, that means, everyone who does that, will play-along with everyone else in the world, AT THE SAME TIME! :) You could video-call your friends to play together (there could be slight latency between you and your friends though). This's not an ideal situation, but we're trying our best out of all these :) But...

HAVE FUN! That's the most important thing! Right?

-------------- CONCERT VIDEO LINK --------------

Hope you'll enjoy, either listening or playing-along. Or both :) Have a good one!


Calgary's May 17, 7PM:

- Brisbane, Australia: May 18, 11AM

- Jakarta, Indonesia: May 18, 8AM

- Singapore: May 18, 9AM

- St. John's, Canada: May 17, 10.30PM

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