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Orchestra is BACK (after Covid years)

I'm a music educator who likes to play in orchestras as well.

Orchestra is one of many things I extremely enjoy doing, starting from community to professional orchestras, even to a niche baroque ensemble...

Since I'm also have a big passion in education and psychology, education side of music has been my main job and priority for these 11 years, living as a music educator.

To be trusted to help the orchestra in a Unviersity set-up, that's a big joy for me to do! From rehearsals to concert day! Moreover, COVID years didn't make me able to do much on this regard, and to be back playing with such a great orchestra with music-students with high intellegence and academic level, plus our cutting-edge professor (conductor), that is ..... indescribable!

If you fancy the sound of big orchestras, please check us out :)


Symphony 3 from Beethoven and from Brahms.

Nov 25, 8PM

Rozsa Centre, Uni of Calgary, Calgary, Canada.

Website: (under the "UCALGARY ORCHESTRA", livestream or in-person).

Cheers, and see you there!

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