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Woke up too early, this morning, and got to this video again. this guy swears by this music video, hah!

Still thinking, what other country uses 700 languages (plus 100+ dialects) on its 17,000 islands (beaches, mountains, calderas, from megalopolitan cities to villages with its tribes), making Indo to be one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world. Also not forget to mention its extreme-variety of food.. Made me hungry thinking about food.. :) Hah - even many articles say some Indonesian dishes have been adopted and, in turn, influenced Dutch cuisine. hah!

I tend to always look down on Indonesian's creativity on everything, back then.. Well, not anymore! Music, checked! Food, checked! Coffee, definitely checked! Nature scenery, checked! Handcrafts and sculpturing, checked! Not to mention, they're one of the warmest people on earth, generally in my experiences, followed by Australians (#2) and Canadians (#3)! Hah.

*For music nerds: Indo uses a few different pentatonic scales & it's microtonality :) And it's played on different types of gamelan, which one of them inspired Debussy :)

*This artist needs a lot more exposure, I reckon! And yes, the Audio-Video production is cinema-quality! Take a listen :)

Original Video:

Reaction Video:

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