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MUSIC is one of the gifts to human that we may recognise, enjoy, and appreciate its beauty.

Everyone from different background, different country, language, colour, size, culture, and so on and so on, could enjoy what we call MUSIC. Music transcends boundaries; Global & universal.

Dave Nathanael, the person behind Centro Virtuoso, had a privilege to make music and make friends in various places in 5 continents. He always values the power of music that transcends boundaries. Therefore, during this digital era, he has also made a few videos of him playing with other musicians across the globe, as well as making his students from different countries played together in a video-collage format.

All of these projects are under one big tag-line, MUSIC TRANSCENDS BOUNDARIES. This student's recital will be his third project, and this project will once again prove that music is for everyone; from everyone to every other ones.


This recital-project will be a pre-recorded recital on multiple platforms, due to the various timezones we are having. Convenient time in Italy won't be the same convenient time in Canada or even Australia, for example. So, you will video-record yourself, and submit the video to CENTRO VIRTUOSO (I believe your teacher could help you with this technical stuff), and it will be on-air on 1 August 2020 on a few platforms, and it will remain there for ever :)

If you are interested to see the previous project, you might check them here.

I'm hoping that you would find this project to be an impactful one, as for every students participating to see through one's window how the music looks / sounds like in the other part of the world.

Recital Video





Please write us a feedback either before or after the recording, and maybe another one after the concert.

Your thoughts will make us better in the upcoming events.

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