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Everything you need... made simple!


Bow-Hold Buddies:

Pair (Frog & Fish): (black), (pink), (purple), or (yellow-green).

For Pinky Only (Fish): (various colours)


Customised & Adjustable Chinrest: Kreddle web; contact us for the promo code, exclusively for Centro Virtuoso Students.

Padding: GelRest web; contact us for the promo code, exclusively for CV Students.

Music Stand:

Thin-frame & foldable:

Sturdy & portable:

Sturdy & unfoldable; the popular MANHASSET:

Music Stand's LED Light:

19-LED Clip (Batteries / AC Adapter):

Violin Fitting/Repair (Violin Luthier):

Dave Nathanael and Centro Virtuoso are having good relationships with many luthier, locally and globally. We agree to give Centro Virtuoso's student an exclusive discount to get violin fitting/repair more affordable and accessible. Feel free to contact us (via Dave Nathanael), either you are Centro Virtuoso's student or not. We're here to help, anyway!

*As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases (from Amazon). Therefore, you are helping Centro Virtuoso to run, and making our mission comes true; to deliver music lesson to as many and as accessible as possible; and we highly appreciate your support!

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