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Everything you need... made simple!



What to look for?

This is the most crucial steps..

In general, there are lots of variety of the violin, in term of their sizes, brands, sound quality, and budget.

If you're not sure about your size, feel free to contact me.

Violin brand has lots of variety as well. There are many local brands which haven't gone international, imported-local rebranded brands, and a well-known international brands. Usually, each brand has their own sound 'signature', as I'd like to say, and bear it in mind that size also plays a major role on the sound quality.

There are big brands that serve world-class violinists, there are also brands that serves more-advanced students, and there are many brands made for intermediate and beginner students.

We tried to simplify these options for each category (regardless the size options):

BEGINNER Student's:


Samuel Eastman: (we're still searching... feel free to contact us)


Cremona SV-500:

Samuel Eastman:


(we're still searching... feel free to contact us)


(we're still searching... feel free to contact us)

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