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BALI.... people, nature, & art in unity :)

BALI, Indonesia!

Just posting this great video of music of Bali (with 1 of 301 languages in Indonesia, which I don't understand but enjoy), and many of my non-Indonesian friends like the sound of Gamelan (moreover taking gamelan class in uni, hah!). Here you go. However, I don't think this's the type of music Debussy got the inspiration from. That's another Javanese Gamelan music (from the island of Java coffee; you must've heard that coffee, right?! Yes Indo takes coffee pretty seriously).

I used to not liking Bali cos of its tourists.. Due to COVID, Bali is basically dead due to the tourism-loss. COVID was pretty rough in Indonesia, but now looks like everything's under control (thanks immune system, vaccines, and defo healthcare workers!).

Get well soon, and hope to see Bali to be alive again. The island where its people live in unity with nature and many different types of art.. To my knowledge and a quick google research, there's no other place where people live in unity with nature & arts like Bali.. (so yes, Bali isn't just beaches & night clubs haha). And this's just 1 island of 17k+ islands in Indonesia with its own uniqueness. Get well soon!

Disclaimer: this's trad music + electronic music tho.. not a real Balinese music.. but I just found it cool to listen & share.. enjoy!

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