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Benedetti Foundation Virtual Workshop

Who doesn't know Nicola Benedetti, the violinist from UK?!

Her foundation, Benedetti Foundation, will hold a VIRTUAL WORKSHOP for basically EVERYONE! Please, check and join in! It's free, although give a bit of donations should highly be appreciated, I reckon.

Workshops for everyone!

Here, I'll try to make it simpler..

- INTERMEDIATE STRING ORCHESTRA: Grade 3-5 string players, all ages.

- ADVANCED STRING ORCHESTRA: Grade 6+ string players, all ages.

Schedules would be different from one program to another, but mostly once everyday (especially for the orchestra program).

There would also be a live session as well as a pre-recorded session.

There should be no reason to say NO to this, right?

This is very brief.

Grand concert (full): here.

Tchaikovsky Virtual Performance I took part in: here. Please check the web, for more detailed info; here.

Info and enquires:

Feel free to share to everyone, especially students and teachers. Cheers!

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