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BOLSHOI THEATRE: Free Ballet & Opera Full-Performances

Hi, ballet lovers :)

Bolshoi Theatre is very kind to entertain us at home during this COVID-19 self-isolation period.

Some of you couldn't anymore go to gym or not even jog outside in the morning, so how about 'gym' with these fellas? Like what my ballet friend tells everyone, ballet is more than going to gym. They have their 'gym' session also with their fancy workout tools/machine. They are using muscle in accordance with art, how to make art from muscle... Ya, that's about right, though. At gym, people lift metal plates, with headphones on. In ballet, the ballerino lifts the ballerina, synchronised with a live orchestra! Let's put it that way, for now :)

This's Bolshoi Ballet Company in Bolshoi Theatre Hall.

Ahhhh, reminds me of my visit to their Beethoven Concert Hall in Bolshoi Theatre.. How I missed it! Also, the sound of Russian orchestras..... oooooh :)

The not-so-bad news, the videos are starting at 7pm (Moscow Time*) and will only available for about 24 hours though, but here's their schedule for these Ballet & Opera live performance, so take notes!

Vol. 1

March 27: Ballet - Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky

March 28: Ballet - The Sleeping Beauty, Tchaikovsky (watch here)

April 1: Opera - The Tsar’s Bride, Rimsky-Korsakov (watch here)

April 4: Ballet - Marco Spada, Lacotte (watch here)

April 7: Opera - Boris Godunov, Mussorgsky (watch here)

April 10: Ballet - The Nutcracker, Tchaikovsky (watch here)

Vol. 2

April 15: Ballet - Le Corsaire, Lord Byron (watch here)

April 18: Ballet - Spartacus, Khachaturian (watch here)

April 21: Ballet Theatre Opera Soloist Concert

April 25: Ballet - Hero of Our Time, Ilya Demutsky (watch here)

April 29: Opera - Katerina Izmailova, Borodin (watch here)

May 3: Ballet - The Bright Stream, Shostakovich (watch here)

May 7: Opera - Don Quixote, Wilhelm Kienzl (watch here)

May 11: Opera - Sadko, Korsakov (watch here)

For me, personally, I prefer Mariinsky Ballet Company to Bolshoi Ballet, but you can't go wrong either way.. For my taste, Bolshoi Ballet looks a bit 'conservative' or 'mature' or 'older' than Mariinsky Ballet. But, at least at this point, Mariinsky doesn't give us videos of their performances, so, I'm happy with Bolshoi Ballet!

What I know, according to my little knowledge, is that 80-90% of their performances are always sold out. So, it's good for us to just turn the TV on, and enjoy, that simple.

Let's stay at home, turn your TV on, sound systems, get your comfy blanket, and lastly, snack to nibble :)

Have fun! Remember, 24 hours only, 7pm (Moscow Time*)!

Keep well, stay home, stay healthy!


* 7pm (Moscow Time):

  • Brisbane, AU: 1am (next day)

  • Calgary, CA: 9am

  • Jakarta, ID: 10pm

  • Singapore: 11pm

  • St. John's, CA: 12.30pm

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