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Bone-Conduction Wireless Headphones

Edit as per today, 2021/05/01: Their top-tier AEROPEX wireless headphones are on big sales, as well as their lower-tier one, the AIR!



"What is that on your head?" is the question from people saw me using this kind of "THING" :)

Some of you might've seen / known this bone-conduction headphones. It's not an in-ear monitor (IEM) headphones that we slip into both of our ear canals, but it's just sitting close to our ears.

Some call it weird, some call it alien's halo, and many other things haha!

I call it: my go-to outdoor headphones.


I use it a lot when I go out hiking / walking with friends. So I'll still have the music in my head, but my ears are still 100% open. It's extremely useful when I cycle on the road with cars and buses. I still have that hearing awareness while listening to my music.

Also not forgetting to mention how light they are; I usually forgot I have this alien's halo around my ears.


It's just transmitting the sound vibrations via our cheekbones to our inner ear, not passing through our eardrums. Therefore, it's better/safer than IEMs where the sound pressure is carried through our eardrums.


This's still a fairly new technology developed very recently in Austin, USA (previously in New York, USA). I first tried it back in 2017, and it sounded so bad that I didn't put ANY interest in the product, though I admitted the fancy machine and techno inside. and it was extremely EXY (expensive), that I could pay a bit more and get a really nice pair of hi-res IEM! But now, in 2021, that company, AFTERSHOKZ, has made their way to prove that it is catching up with the rest in headphones playground. They're now sounding much much better than before, especially with their AEROPEX series!

Well, it's not sounding as nice as our usual air-conduction headphones that's sitting just millimetres away from our eardrums, but for the convenience, they're amazing! I'm into hi-res audio listening, but I can still tolerate the sound quality, compensating the 100% open-ear, for cycling, hiking & chatting, and simply just doing everything outdoor.

I've started to see many people are now using it! Welcome to the bone-conduction headphones world! That's a very good thing to see! Many bone-condution headphones companies are around the globe now, but sound-quality will definitely call you to this Aftershokz; and only this one! :)

Here are some of their products I could recommend, because I just like how they're developing their game:



*As an Amazon associate, I'll get a commission on every purchased made through this webpage. So, thank you for supporting!

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