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[POSTPONED] Music Transcends Boundaries 4.0 (Update 2021/07/22)

It's so saddening to postpone the so-ready event.

Situations are a little bit tense in a few countries, Indonesia included, and still not easing globally.

Thanks to our pianist, Nesca Alma who has started making the videos too.

And thanking my students & families to show their understanding, consideration, & solidarity in this sensitive regard.

It is not cancelled, and we'll come back again with the event STRONGER (with more-polished pieces, even).

However, for now, feel very free to see what we were doing with the big big big event on the Music Transcends Boundaries 3.0 with music students from all around the globe, and teachers performing as well, if you missed it last year :)

You could check the whole recital here, or here for the teacher's performance session.

I urge you to use headphones, if possible :)

For now, keep safe & keep well. Keep enjoying & practicing music :)

Music keeps us sane!


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