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My expiring US$5 coupon on DROP (formerly Massdrop). Anyone?

Hello, everyone.. This's Dave Nathanael.

Due to the nature of this topic, this's just for Dave's friends, or friend of friend. I'm sorry!!

For everyone in Indonesia, Canada, Australia, Singapore, or USA.

Just wanna share with you that I do have a US$5 coupon on Drop (massdrop, previously), and it will be expired by May 2021.

I need to use it from my account. So, I could place an order for you, with your name and address, Then, you could send paypal to me or bank transfer, if you're in Indo / Canada.

However, you'll still take the responsibility to deal with the customs fee though.. (depends on where you are and what you're buying, however).

Once again, I'm sorry it's not for everyone reading this blog.

This's a matter of trust issue, I'd only giving this to someone I know, or a friend of someone I knew.

Many thanks! Hope this coupon will get used by anyone who might need it, somehow.. :) Cheers!

You may click the picture below to check what they offer. They're audiophile section is pretty good!

- no affiliation, no comission etc. Just purely giving you the coupon -


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