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Celebration On Re-learning Perseverance & Determination

Just a video to remind me that many many things are possible, if there's a will, and done correctly.

I made an audition-recording for Nicola Benedetti's virtual concert. Me, one person, amongst other great great great violinists in the other parts of the world.. And I am so honoured to be featured in the concert-video. Couldn't be unhappy about this.

During this era, people (me included), often couldn't see the benefit of the process. Everything has to be instantly ready under 1 snap! And call it a failure if it's not there in under 1 blink or if it doesn't meet one's expectation. I'm re-learning what is determination and perseverance. I wasn't sure I could do this in under 7 days only, on top of my teaching schedule, but there I was, stone-headedly, doing this to push myself beyond my comfort-zone and a bit beyond my limit, probably. I'm pretty happy with me being able to shape up and play it in 5 days , before submitting this audition video.

Let's learn to see the beauty of a learning-process, moreover the determination & perseverance. This video is to celebrate that, mostly for me, but I thought, why shouldn't I share it.

Just a side notes, I'm a baroque lover, but found joy listening to Tchaikovsky's music, though playing them is always a difficult thing to do, but..... that's okay - Tchaikovsky :)

Hope you enjoy!

Click here to watch the concert-video :)

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