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COVID-19 & Containment (Online Music Lesson)

This is a blog post, as well as an info for my students, that we're gonna meet again for lessons in Skype instead of my house. Skype is COVID virus-free. It will always be Skype, until further notice may the situation change. Let's be PROACTIVE :)

Canada's update so far:

March 12: 153 cases

March 14: 193 cases March 15 (morning): 249 cases

Are those number telling us something? For me, the Covid-19 is spreading very fast, at least here in Canada. Looks like China is done with the rising number of cases and deaths, Italy is unfortunately facing the pandemic in their region. Spain is following up. And many doctors from those countries keep saying self-isolate / social distancing, before it's too late, as well as 24 hours social-distance could have effect for the next 10-15 days!

There's this good image from a Greek doctor about social-distance:

There's also post from Macleans website here saying that Canada is not flattening the curve. Here's the image from the web:

Another image also shows the countries that was hit right away by the covid virus, and they acted very quickly and see where they are right now. I also heard many people/doctors referred to Singaporean to step up the containment process. Imagine Singapore, small country with so many expatriates from all around the world in one country (or city), very densely populated too. And see those other countries, they've flattened down the curve so quickly, and at least HK, Singapore, South Korea, and China do the quarantine that contributes to lower the spreading speed! Here is the picture from Macleans website as well:

I went to Costco, someone was still saying Coronavirus is a hoax. also, heard other people and friends got misinformed, saying that this virus is no more dangerous than a regular influenza...

Yes, it looks like death fatality is only around 2-3%, that's not much, compared to SARS / MERS few years ago. But, this virus is very very contagious, and we could still get infection on your lungs for the rest of your life, if we're still alive! With all these premises, I'm not going to see my private violin students again for these few weeks.

Thanks be to God, I'm healthy but I don't know if I carry the virus or not, I'll keep saying that. I really don't want to say, "Oops sorry, turned out I carried it and generously shared it with you". Or the other way around, someone gave it to me, or student A gave to student B, and other possible ways to 'share' the virus.

I'd ask my students (not beginner) to go on with Skype lesson. Fortunate enough, I've been doing Skype lesson for years now. We will still have fun, we will still learn, we will still make music amidst these chaotic situations.

Better prevent than say sorry,

Better too early than too late,

ACT before it gets worse, if we see an outbreak and start to act, that's already too late.

I've heard Aussies are complaining that government are so slow to react, now hearing Canadians too, come on! ACT!!

Let me give you my last screenshot of a post I found earlier this morning on Facebook (originally from tweeter):

We need to act together, I don't think it'll make much difference if 1 person did and the other one didn't. Asides of me asking my students to proceed with Skype lesson, I'm also asking my students to stay home; if you don't really need to go out, please stay at home. Stop getting the virus, or moreover, kindly stop spreading it...

I'm still looking forward to see the end of these Covid months, and seeing everything back to normal, I would appreciate things more than I now am, definitely. Turned out so far, I don't have students saying no to do a skype lesson with me. And, for every other musicians out there (violinists.. I'm not so sure about other musical instruments), either teacher or (non-beginner) students / parents, please consider online music lesson, because stopping lesson temporarily doesn't help, either.

At least, try it for 2 weeks or 3, and decide afterwards, how things are going.

Here is the other option: GOOGLE's Hangout.

I personally believe that this's allowed to happen for reasons.

But on top of that, see?! I'm reading more books, I'm reconnecting with my old friends from my previous 'lives' before Canada. Also, spiritually, intellectually, and mentally growing! Pollution is almost no longer existent now.

I've also seen people to value and appreciate community / friends, time, health, smile, and everything else MORE than we used to. I also like seeing cleanliness in restaurants or other places is now top-notch! Keep up the good work, guys :) Stay home, practice (even if your music lesson isn't going anywhere during these months), read books, and stay positive. Be cautious, be wary, but don't be stressful or panic! Let's do our best together! I'm usually nice, but for now, let's not give 'home' or host-body to our new little friend, the Covid virus..

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