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Event: Music Transcends Boundaries 4.0

Hi everyone, Dave's writing here :) I'm back - this time, with my lovely students....!

You could download the PDF with all the links by clicking the poster above or clicking here.

Otherwise, details could be found here, too.

A 3-Month Music Festival, starting July 2021 till September 2021. Dave's students will be sharing their music with Nesca Alma, Dave's pianist & friend. Centro Virtuoso - la casa della musica: the house of music; where musicians meet other musicians, make, enjoy, & share music.

Still, in the series of Music Transcends Boundaries, Dave's violin students at Centro Virtuoso will share their favourites, virtually, with pianist Nesca Alma, who willingly & generously gave her time to support & accompany Dave's students; the example of what Dr. Suzuki said: "Beautiful tone, beautiful heart".

*Nesca Alma is Dave's close-friend who also was Dave's pianist in his years in his Music Bachelor's Degree, back in 2009.

All the students are gonna be on a different stages of learning & of life:

- Young, not so young, and older,

- Starting online since 7 years ago, or online since last year's COVID-19 pandemic, or online since a few months back. Some are new in-studio students, but starting online since the COVID-19 pandemic, and some has different other stories too ,

- a school student, a home-school student, a college/university student, a worker, a musician, or event a parent,

- Beginner, intermediate, or advanced students.

However, everyone has the same purpose: TO LEARN; Since there's no limit on learning music :)

Please enjoy! And check here again for the updated events (on who'll be performing next, throughout the 3-month period)

PERFORMANCE PLATFORM: Music Transcends Boundaries Stage (you could check the previous projects / videos on this series as well).

PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE (names and link will be updated promptly):

July: TBA

August: TBA

September: TBA



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