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GLOBAL RECITAL by Centro Virtuoso, 2020

Hi everybody!! I couldn't wait for the GLOBAL RECITAL to happen!

This's my recording, for the teacher's performance - couldn't wait to present you the teacher's performance too!!!!

Stay in tune, and watch the concert.

Video will be available per 1 Aug 2020, 00:00 GMT* Zone!

I'll see you in the recital! :)

32 learners & 15 teachers from 5 continents, under 1 event, GLOBAL RECITAL 2020

Cheers! Have fun!

Find your timezone, GMT = UK Time. Where are you? -7 hours? +7 hours? +10 hours?


Calgary, Canada: GMT -7

Ontario, Canada: GMT -4

New York City, USA: GMT -4

St. John, Canada: GMT -3

St. John's, Canada: GMT -2.5

UK Time: GMT 0

Lagos, Nigeria: GMT +1

Bern, Switzerland: GMT +2

Amsterdam, Netherland: GMT +2

Munich, Germany: GMT +2

Paris, France: GMT +2

Moscow, Russia: GMT +3

Jakarta, Indonesia: GMT +7

Singapore: GMT +8

Hong Kong: GMT +8

Brisbane, Australia: GMT +10

Auckland, New Zealand: GMT +12

We'd appreciate if you could give us your feedback & criticism, as well as a donation, if you're willing and able to support our music events running in the near future.

Cheers, in advance!

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