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32 Instrument Learners, 15 Instrument Teachers,

5 Continents, 1 EVENT:

--- G L O B A L R E C I T A L 2 0 2 0 ---

Project #3 of Dave Nathanael's "Music Transcends Boundaries" series,


1 Aug 2020, 00:00 GMT Zone

Featuring performers from different boundaries, such as:

- Different instruments,

- Different continents (Africa, America, Asia, Australia, & Europe),

- Different stages of learning,

- Different ages,

- Different professions,

- Different teachers / studios / music schools,

- Different pedagogical systems,

- Different life backgrounds,

BUT, working together making this event possible,

sharing music & enjoying each other's performance. And it's a HUGE success!

----- TIMELINE -----

Welcoming: 00:00:23

Teacher's Intro: 00:02:58

Global Recital Video Intro: 00:14:05

Section 1: 00:15:09

Sydney Opera House's Video: 00:36:38

Section 2: 00:43:19

Funny Music Videos: 01:05:49

Section 3: 01:14:51

Music-Performance Shreds: 01:33:36

Intermission & Intermission-Concert: 01:42:51

Section 4: 01:49:54

Teacher's Performance (La Follia): 02:06:52

Section 5: 02:20:31

Great Performances: 02:38:03

Closing: 02:44:50

Credit: 02:45:20

----- VIDEO LINKS -----

will be available starting 1 Aug 2020, 00:00 GMT Zone*

Centro Virtuoso Students: Check Student's Corner

or go to Youtube.

check your timezone* at the bottom of this page.

Get your tea / coffee handy, enjoy & have fun!

We'd appreciate if you could give us your feedback & criticism as well. Cheers, in advance.

Thanks for tuning in.

I hope you'd enjoy the performances from us, from every corner of the globe.

We'd appreciate if you could give us your feedback & criticism, as well as a donation, if you're willing and able to support our music events running in the near future. Cheers, in advance!




Alexander Gaudi

Andy Eugenio Sutanto

Aubrey Wijaya

Austin Soon

Bebe Susanto

Bryant Francis Gumulia

Daniel Omole

Doriana Tirch

Ekeziel Tanis

Emmanuel Hassan

Fatisha Syabila

Gayle Chiara Sugiharto

Gendis Kenar Kinasih

Hayden Tanis

Immanuel cakra Hadiwijaya

James Dinn

Jason Kusnowo

Jessica Joanna Tham

Joshua Yos Sudarso

Jouvan & Laura Sudharma

Kayleen Channery Theos

Kinaya Frigga Saili

Maria Banoub

Maria Bernadine Aurelia

Maria Gabriella Emilee

Natalie Vinson

Nathan Siregar

Rajdeep Pandher

Sabrina Gayatri

Sherleen Emmanuel

Steven Rei Chendra

Vladislav Bunescu


Allison McCann, USA (

Amelia Tionanda, Indonesia (Amelia Tionanda Violin Studio)

Ariya Wibisono, Germany (

Aryobimo Yudomartono, France (private studio)

Dave Nathanael, Canada (Centro Virtuoso)

Kian Chong, Hong Kong (Hong Kong Suzuki Music Institute)

Lidya Evania, Russia (Lidya Evania Studio)

Lila Ashanti, Switzerland (Arca Musica)

Nesca Alma, Indonesia (Nesca Alma Studio & Cavatina Music Center)

Nino A. Wijaya, Indonesia (private studio)

Riz Ramadhan, Indonesia (Grazioso Music School)

Shaileigh Thompson, Australia (private studio)

Simone Strohmeier, Switzerland (private studio)

Susannah McKenzie-Sutter, Canada (Vivo Violin Studio)

Yoel Kristian, Indonesia (Gloriamus)


(Greenwich Mean Time = UK Time)


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