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Hilary Hahn - Suzuki Book 1-3 recordings (official release)

Almost all violinists know Hilary Hahn, who were also started her violin journey within Suzuki environment and now, look at her :)

Before today, the latest news was Suzuki will have Hilary Hahn to play for the official Suzuki Book's recording CDs. Today, The International Suzuki Association has just announced that Hilary Hahn, accompanied by pianist Natalie Zhu, will do the recordings for Suzuki Violin Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3 (International Edition).

It will be officially released on 10 July, 2020.

It will be released on a CD-form, not forgetting to mention that there'll also be track for the piano only, for practicing and teaching purposes. Though, the tracks will also be available in SmartMusic for teaching and practicing.

Excited? You should be :)

Let's keep an eye on the date, 10 July, 2020. It's less than a month! Have a great anticipation-month! :)


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