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Lesson, Virus, and Hygiene

Hi, my students and parents :) As we all know, we now have at least 7 cases of the Covid-19 here in Calgary. Symptomatic or not, mild or severe, we can't tell much. The fact that it doesn't have to be symptomatic to spread from one to another person should make us do something preventive.

However, I'd encourage all of us to not be panicking, and please still be considerate.

For all of my students, both in my studio at home or at other music schools, please be advised that:

1. Please WASH YOUR HANDS​ with soap and running water (not hand sanitizer)​ before and after lesson. We'll try to make the studio classroom as hygienic as we could by our common sense.

2. If you're having cold / fever / cough, please let me know by 8am on the day so we could work on rescheduling. I will highly appreciate if you don't come if you're sick (virus or non-virus related). Everyone needs to keep their immune system rock solid. I'll do the same if I'm feeling unwell or showing symptoms; notify and cancel the lesson.

3. If you are showing any symptom during the lesson, I WILL ASK YOU TO GO HOME until you are feeling well again soon. I'm sorry but I'll have many people coming into the same room for the whole day. It takes only 1 person to spread the virus to all other people in the room.

​4. Because of these, please feel safe and comfortable, for you know that we are keeping the lesson place as hygienic as we could.​

I hope this is understandable, and by doing so, we are lowering the chance of spreading the virus, or at least we are slowing down the spreads around our environment.

I'm so sorry that there have to be these inconveniences, but I'm staying positive that this virus will end someday! We could take part to slowing down the spread.

As far as I know, many formal schools and music schools in Indonesia, Australia, and Singapore are closing and students are taking online lesson / formal-school classes. But for us, I don't think we need to stop the lesson, at this point. Thats why, I'm asking for your consideration and cooperation to minimise the virus spread as much as we could.

I appreciate your time reading and thinking about these, as well as working together keep the lesson room's hygiene.

​I'll give further notice should the situation change.

Enjoy your day, Keep practicing and listening to recordings :) See you soon!​

Cheers, Dave Nathanael


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