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LIVESTREAM: Jakarta Simfonia Orchestra - I missed this orchestra, the concert hall, and FRIENDS!

(watch livestream here)

Live-streamed from the great Aula Simfonia Jakarta Concert Hall, home of Jakarta Simfonia Orchestra, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Due to this unfortunate situation regarding Covid-19 pandemic, many orchestras cancelled their concerts, and some are still making it to happen by live-stream.

I'm still hoping the best for this situation, and praying that everyone would stay healthy and we all learn to appreciate small things more and more each day. We use to breathe without even thinking of pollution / pollen / virus / bacteria. Now, many countries in the world will need legit mask to breathe, and be very cautious of someone else's droplets from coughing / sneezing, or even just speaking.

However, I reckon that it's nice to listen to music if you're isolating yourself in the house.

I hope this live-streamed concert would brighten up your day a little bit, audio-wise, and visual-wise.

I really miss my 'music-home' in Indonesia, play and share music all together, as well as my orchestra mates & stand partners.. It's nice to hear at least this one orchestra, amongst many other great orchestras in Jakarta :)

Oh! I wish this virus will be over soon, and everything's going to be normal again, soon.


I'm thanking every orchestras who are managing the livestreams rather than cancelling events. I know it might be a tough and difficult decision to make, for it's hard to pay musicians while you're not selling tickets. Also, some other orchestras need to pay the concert hall rent (luckily we don't need to deal with rental stuff). But one thing for sure, many orchestras who did (and about to do) their livestream performances has made our days (in the house / hospital / whenever it is) more colourful!!

I, personally, really appreciate all of this moves!

These darker months will be over.

I'm pretty sure we will be more thankful about almost-everything, starting today and onwards after we the virus is 'defeated' :) Cheers from Calgary, to Jakarta Simfonia Orchestra and people working in Aula Simfonia Jakarta!

Watch the livestream youtube link here.

Keep well, everyone! :)

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