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Mini Virtual Sessions (from Benedetti Foundation) - AGAIN!!

After done with a grand virtual sessions a month ago, with a grand concert to finish off the month, they're now back with mini-size virtual sessions again.

I will highly recommend EVERYONE of you to join!!

There'll also be a zoom workshops happening.

These are what I found from their website:


The Mini Virtual Sessions are short, focused workshops designed to provide in depth and detailed exploration on a wide variety of topics. There will be separate sessions for young people, music students, teachers and adult learners. These workshops will be in the form of practical sessions concentrating on technique, physicality and wellbeing, as well as discussion sessions and a focus on personal and professional development for students and teachers.


This series of workshops for July and August is the first part of a long-term project. Many further workshops focusing on different techniques, and for all ages and stages will be presented over the rest of 2020. A new series of workshops will be delivered each month, with sign up opening mid-way through the previous month. July and August have been announced together as a Summer series.

I can't suggest you more than just: "CLICK, and sign up!" :)

HERE if you are a school-age string players, or

HERE if you are a teacher, student, conservatory student, graduate or an adult learner.

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