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Music For The Soul #12: Sitkovetsky, Goldberg Variations - Variation 1

My point-to-shoot words for this Music For The Soul post: MY FAVOURITE short classical piece :)

Originally composed for the piano solo by the well-known Johann Sebastian Bach, the german composer, one of the key composers who transformed baroque music to a next level.

So good, that this Soviet-Russian born classical violinist, conductor and arranger, Dmitry Sitkovetsky, made an arrangement of the whole Goldberg Variations (30 Variations) to be played by the string players - thanks to him!

On top of that, Dmitry Siktovetsky founded the New European Strings Chamber Orchestra (NES Chamber Orchestra) in a music festival in Finlandia. Initially, the chamber orchestra is founded for the purpose of his big interests in studying orchestration among the great number superbly-trained string players in Russia.

So to say, you're about to listen to the 'original' interpretation of the newly-arranged composition. The piece was made and conducted by Siktovetsky himself, for the New European Strings Chamber Orchestra!

Have a good listening session! :)



This series of "Music for the soul" is one of my hedonistic ways to enjoy my life: Good music with my tea / coffee.

Many music these days are very compressed, condensed, high pitched / so much treble, & poorly-organised. And many lead our feelings to become so unsettled, anxious, or even depressed.

Let yourself be immersed in this beautiful music; most are classical music (some won't be classical music; we're all learning how to appreciate every good music around us, either in our usual way or not).

Get your tea / coffee, sit in your sofa / bed, put headphones on, close your eyes, and just enjoy! :)

I always say Music is the supplement for human's soul.

Good music creates good soul.


Artists: NES Chamber Orchestra, Dmitry Sitkovetsky

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