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Music For The Soul #13: Corelli, Sonata No. 12 for Violin & Continuo in D minor, " La Follia"

Every single time I'm listening to this piece, feels like 12 minutes is just like 3 minutes; I'm so into the music. This particular recording also has a really well-produce sound mixing and mastering. Such a pleasure to listen to :)

"ACOUSTIC PUNCH!"..... I still can't believe how JUST a violin and a harpsichord could make this big pronounced sounds in the music. I first doubt myself that the music file didn't include the ensemble name or something. No! It's just 1 violin and 1 harpsichord. They are so well-connected, and this's what I learnt from my professor, about the "ACOUSTIC PUNCH". How they're so together with the same sound intension and timing, made a really 'big' sound sorta punching your face through your ears :)

Since listening to this recording, Andrew Manze on violin and Richard Egarr on harpsichord, I never doubt the ability to make punchy sound with just small number of instrumentations. WOW, just WOW! And his violin's sound is amazing! Good instrument, good technique, good interpretation, good execution, good ensemble skill, what's more to ask?!!

Anyway, another version of La Follia from Antonio Vivaldi is the #2 opening of this Music For The Soul series. It was such a cool and extremely popular tune in European countries back then, that so many composers are using this tune and 'modify' :) La Follia could roughly be translated to "The Madness".

Hope listening to this will set aside your mad-day and you come out with good mood after listening to this amazing recording, somehow! :)



This series of "Music for the soul" is one of my hedonistic ways to enjoy my life: Good music with my tea / coffee.

Many music these days are very compressed, condensed, high pitched / so much treble, & poorly-organised. And many lead our feelings to become so unsettled, anxious, or even depressed.

Let yourself be immersed in this beautiful music; most are classical music (some won't be classical music; we're all learning how to appreciate every good music around us, either in our usual way or not).

Get your tea / coffee, sit in your sofa / bed, put headphones on, close your eyes, and just enjoy! :)

I always say Music is the supplement for human's soul.

Good music creates good soul.


Artist: Andrew Manze (violin), Richard Egarr (harpsichord)

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