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Music For The Soul #2: Vivaldi, La Follia


Yes, you read it right!

150 composers (known by history) have used this theme during these 3 centuries, not just classical music, no.. Even today's rock music as well!

La Follia has different meanings, from a set of musical chord progression, theme, to the meaning of a word "madness" or "follies".

La Follia is my favourite classical music, especially the one composed by Francesco Geminiani (based on Corelli's composition) & Antonio Vivaldi.

This one is Vivaldi's La Follia. What I really like about this particular composition is that the melody keeps changing in variations, and it will just get more and more silly (or mad).

But, no matter how "MAD" the composition is, Vivaldi still keep it very simple and clean. Everything's so structured and very well-thought.

I should just be quiet, and let you enjoy!! :)

I can't help to stop myself from saying good things about this piece.


Keep going, this's one of my hedonistic ways to enjoy my life: Good music with my tea / coffee.

Many music these days are very compressed, condensed, high pitched / so much treble, & poorly-organised. And many lead our feelings to become so unsettled, anxious, or even depressed.

Let yourself be immersed in this beautiful music; most are classical music (some won't be classical music; we're all learning how to appreciate every good music around us, either in our usual way or not).

Get your tea / coffee, sit in your sofa / bed, put headphones on, close your eyes, and just enjoy! :)

I always say Music is the supplement for human's soul.

Good music creates good soul.


Artist: Il Giordano Armonico

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