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Online / Virtual Rehearsal without any delay!

Thank you Stanford uni, for making this possible.

I've been teaching online for about 6 years, and this finally arrives!

I'm pretty sure many other musicians would love this as well, and we have been looking forward to this sorta software-development!

This's a software with a bit of a setup before we use it, but it's made by musicians, for musicians.

Latency could come down to just around 21ms, which is ideal for playing together in sync, especially for syncopations! :)

It's called JackTrip; You may check Stanford's page here

And I'd highly suggesting my CENTRO VIRTUOSO students and teachers to download this, if it's not too much of a hassle (at least, give it a try).

It will run on MacOS El Capitan & later, but I'm not quite sure about Windows & Linux, I'm sorry!

Have a look, and give it a try!

Online music world would be on a new whole-level :)

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