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"PERFECT" = Fine..... "FINE" = Bad..... Instagram 'Celeb' thingy.. Yeeea, Nah!

Life could be so dang great, but could turn gloomy or stormy as well!

One day with Michelin dish, one day just a peanut butter toast, but yea, maybe not spaghetti in a can. hah!

One day with perfect sunny fresh misty morning, one day with 30cm of snow on the ground.

One day with great orchestra, another day with local community orchestra.

One day with Lamborghini (a bit far from reality, but...), one day with bus under a sunny summer-day.

One day with an avocado smoothie, one day just a plain banana.

One day with tears of joy, one day with tears of sadness.

I prefer life with ups & downs; that makes life more interesting, isn't it?

Sorry if it's too blunt, but there are just tons of fake 'life' out there, and many compare themselves to this hyped lifestyle. Even on Facebook, I reckon I post 80% positive things on life, trying to cheer up my friends and community, but it doesn't mean life is ALWAYS going PERFECT.

In my observations, too-perfect lives don't bring much 'SOUL'. I prefer a grittier lives with much soul in it :) When there are days we need friends, days we need good food, or just days we need to do nothing but just listening to music with a cuppa (yes, I do that HEEEEAPS! haha).

I was on instagram for a couple of months, back in early days of Instagram, before it was booming, to follow people with good photography 'portfolio'.

But then it's just getting more and more unrealistic. Everyone's pursuing perfection. Perfect picture, perfect life, perfect lifestyle, perfect dishes, perfect EVERYTHING.

So I DECIDED to stop using Instagram.

And see what's happening today with instagram hah..

Everything is UNREALISTICALLY PERFECT. Even people with average normal life tends to flex to appear AS PERFECT AS POSSIBLE on instagram, with fake photos; not forgetting to mention photoshopped photos. hmmmm.

This reminds me when I went out one day on a resto-patio.. I saw an instagram influencer, she posed in front of a historical building here in Calgary, Canada, with those big smile, luscious eyelashes that could be as long as my hair, probably (glad it's not windy hah), took more than 10 shots repeatedly (total of maybe 2-3 mins), and yes it was hooooot that day - after the shots, she removed her luscious eyelashes, go ahead to the car leaving her photographer friend behind (who was her driver as well at that time), and had a bad hangry (angry-hungry) face etc.... Wow! I know it's not my business, but I've seen quite a number of times these things happen..

Maybe just like an actress in movies, is this a new platform to be an acting-celeb?? idk...

Also, many are talking about inclusivity and being inclusive on instagram, but in normal life, they're waaaaay too perfect and we, perfectly ordinary people, are UNacceptable; since ordinary means bad and it shouldn't be that way.

I might tone down the UNREALISTIC standard of our society's NORMALISED-PERFECTION, in my posts.

I talked a lot already to my friends about how the word "FINE" and "OKAY" these days means it's BAD!.. while "PERFECT" or "AWESOME" means NORMAL...

What are we trying to achieve?!

Since I'm just an ordinary musicians who teaches a lot and having friends for a concerts, I will go into the instagram world to connect with my friends from all around the world again, and maybe my post could refresh your day with my ORDINARY NORMAL life, far out from the new-normal PERFECT life.

So, if you want an ordinary guy posting ordinary stuff, feel free to check. But please don't expect celeb-like postings, with HUGE EGO on top.. nah, just living my life, in the moment, as God gives & directs :) See you there! :)

*Oh and, about that far-from-reality Lamborghini situation, I won't say no if you wanna give me, though.. (just to let you know) hah!

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