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GLOBAL RECITAL - by Centro Virtuoso and teachers/students from 5 Continents

You might have heard previously from this website: MUSIC TRANSCENDS BOUNDARIES.

This's part of Dave Nathanael's project to prove that music is for everyone! EVERYONE!!


This 3rd project will prove once again that music is for everyone regardless their backgrounds. This time is even wider; Collaborations with teachers and students from 5 continents: Africa, America, Asia, Australia, & Europe.

Join us to experience what we call "The universal language" on 1 August 2020 or after :)

Video links are going to be updated on 29 July 2020, and you could RSVP here to get a reminder about this event.

Once video is up, it will be there, so please feel free to check it after 1 August 2020, at anytime you find it convenient to watch.

Preferably watch still and listen, to see / listen to how all of this beautiful music is personalised, yet still universally-understood by people from different time, different age, different group, different this and that.

If you are a student and would like to participate, a teacher and would like to have your student participating, or if you don't play instrument and you want to see what's happening, please go here :)


And I'll see you soon!

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