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Music-Lesson Needs, MADE SIMPLE!

Hey, music lovers & Centro Virtuoso families!

Good news for everyone, and especially for Centro Virtuoso Students.. We've made many good relationships with local and global luthiers / music companies, that many are more than kind-enough to give us some exclusive offers, especially for Centro Virtuoso Students.

Centro Virtuoso has now made an affiliation with Amazon (Canada), too, that we're more than happy to make a list of what our students usually need for the lesson. We just like the simplicity idea that you could get many things in just 1 platform, from budget friendly needs, to niche picks.


Dave Nathanael & Centro Virtuoso try to simplify things, so you shouldn't feel overwhelmed by the too-many options available; some will work very well, and some will just break down within minutes / days of use. We neat-pick everything for students/learners to feel confident on buying things needed for the lesson.

We use, and have used, most (95%) of the things we linked in the webpage, and we'd be more than happy to recommend it to you; so you'll feel confident on considering these things needed for your musical journey / lesson.

Feel free to check, and let us know if you have questions. Cheers! Have a nice day!


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