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Music For The Soul #1: 15 Minutes Just With Your Cuppa & Headphones (Soothing Music To End 2020)

We won't forget how this Year 2020 has been a year to remember. COVID year showed us all kind of situations; from people showing extraordinary acts of human-kindness, friends to talk to, to the undeniably sad moments when you know someone passed away, from covid or non-covid illnesses.

Year 2020 would have made many people depressed and unsettled. But, this morning, I woke up thinking how people listen to their music playlists. These days, so many music are made with high treble arrangements, condensed mixings, and very heavy in term of beat and mood.

I'd just like to ask you to do what I'd love to do: Tea (or sometimes coffee), listening to a relaxing music. And I'm thinking to keep going with this post, if many of you enjoy it. Reserve your 15-minutes, plan nothing but to just sit and get emerged in the music.

Today, I'd be more than happy to share one of my favourites, Beethoven's Symphony 6 - II. Andante molto mosso, "Scene By the Brook". This's classical music, but it's very easy on our ears, cos Beethoven made it just like what you'll listen from the nature in the country-side. Just a very enjoyable, simple music / imagery to enjoy in this busy and hectic life in 2020.

This particular movement delivers what Beethoven called "Scene By the Brook", with quails, cuckoos, and nightingales. You may 'hear' their voices from the woodwinds: flute, clarinet, and the oboe.

Let me know if this refreshes your day :) I hope that, at the very least, this takes you out of your cities for a moment, to just enjoy the country-side's nature & sceneries.

Merry Christmas (if you celebrate), and Happy New Year!

Have a wonderful day.

Artists: Gewandhausorchester & Ricardo Chailly (Conductor)

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